Scam Alert

From the Executive Offices of
Beneath The Sea

Several companies are sending solicitations to various entities in the dive industry, including Beneath the Sea itself, offering to sell the Beneath the Sea Show Attendees List. Please know that our lists are proprietary and confidential and are not available to anyone. Being confidential, it is not for sale and may not be sold.

Additionally, fake housing companies are approaching Beneath the Sea Exhibitors and attendees with fake offerings of hotel rooms at a dramatic discount. It is these dramatic discounts that attract people to these hijackers. Too late they discover the hidden costs, up-front charges, significant deposits, or the magic of bait and switch to hotel rooms never booked. Beneath the Sea hotels and pricing will be posted shortly at less than is being offered by the scammers.

Show Producer
Beneath the Sea

Beneath the Sea is handicapped accessible. If you require special aids or services please e-mail us at [email protected] or call 914.664.4310
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