Scholarship Honor Society

Beneath the Sea® is deeply committed to the advancement of environmental conservation and the protection of marine wildlife. BTS established the Sea of Tomorrow Society Scholarship Program in furtherance of this mission. BTS and other sponsors award scholarships and training grants annualy to a select group of deserving individuals. These opportunities serve as catalysts, igniting passion and motivating youth through young adults to explore diverse fields such as marine conservation, marine biology, underwater photography, underwater archaeology and beyond.

Scholarships within our program may target specific study areas or provide applicants with the flexibility to pursue their chosen field of interest. Funds designated for educational programs are directly disbursed to training institutions upon receipt of an invoice. Research projects necessitating specialized equipment and materials release funds upon receipt of a paid invoice from the supplier.

Training Grants extend financial assistance for diving and related underwater training. Grant sponsors may stipulate particular training facilities, or permit recipients to select a recognized/authorized facility within the United States. Funds are transferred directly to the chosen training facility upon submission of an invoice, enabling recipients to pursue their educational and research endeavors effectively.

The Scholarship Honor Society recognizes both current and past recipients of scholarship and training grant awards, fostering a supportive network and acknowledging their contributions to the fields of marine conservation and underwater exploration.

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